Julie Hockley

Julie Hockley was born and raised in Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada.  After graduating from the University of Ottawa with a B.A. (English Literature) and then a law degree, she moved to Durham Region, Ontario, where she now resides with her growing family. 

A former germaphobe and clean-freak turned mother of two, Julie collects enough tears and snot in a month to recreate Slimer Monster from Ghostbusters. Other than playing devoted wife and mama, Julie is the funniest person in the room (according to the 3 year-old and 2 year-old in said room) and can build the most awesome Lego rocket ship you’ve ever set your eyes on (according to her). Oh, and she has a full time career and has also written a bestselling novel. Superhero, or just downright insane?

Crow's Row and Scare Crow was her debut novel series.

Join me on my blog (juliehockley.tumblr.com), on Twitter (@julie_hockley) and on Facebook (Crow's Row).