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Honorable mention - 2012 Beach Book (NY) Festival

Finalist - 2012 Indie Book Awards

Honorable mention - 2011-2012 Los Angeles Book Festival


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A few reviews from Goodreads:

 - From Maggie: "There really are no words to describe the effect this book had on me! I mean I have never written a review for a book before, but Crow's Row moved me so much that I just have to say that it is definitely a book that you have to read at least once (if not repeatedly) in your lifetime."

 - From Tracy: "Ever go on a roller coaster and get that feeling just before you start to roll down the hill....your stomach drops out and your adrenaline is screaming so  excited by the thrill but your  terrified at the same time.?!?!  Well that is what you can expect from this book.  Exhausting but so damn thrilling you can't help but keep riding the ride until all of  a sudden BAM ride over please exit on your right."

A few reviews from Amazon.com:

- From RomanceReader: "Ok, actually, I read this book a couple of weeks ago, but I couldn't review it until now because I needed some time to calm down. And I have. I think. I've come to the conclusion that this book. is. awesome. Make you wish you could fall in love this hard, awesome. Cameron has questionable morals at best, and maybe the only thing he does "right" is love Emily, but he is really great at that, and its enough. You will love him because of the way that he loves her. To the complete exclusion of everything else, including his own happiness. And Hockley actually does this in a realistic way - where you don't feel like he is sacrificing his sense of self in order to love her. Additionally, this is a character with really loose morals, a criminal in fact, but you don't feel like he is a completely terrible person. I really appreciated that. Emily is a great heroine. She has just the most refreshing mix of honesty, innocence, tragedy, and total badass-ness that I have encountered in almost any character in a similar story. She is never weak, and you get the impression that, even when she is completely devastated, she is going to be just fine. I enjoyed watching her grow as a person, and I enjoyed the fact that the author literally forced her to acknowledge that being in love can't be your entire world. IF there is a sequel in the works, as I've seen posted, I can't wait to see how Hockey goes from here with Emily - what being in love with Cameron does to her life. That will honestly be a sequel that I look forward to reading. This book will rip your heart out, but its worth reading. And, if it didn't rip my heart out, I'm not sure I would've felt it had any authenticity at all."

 - From Lzbth: "When I started reading it on the plane I couldn't even remember the premise. I was completely hooked after the first couple of pages!!! It made "the middle seat" on the plane not so painful! I loved Cameron and Emmy and thouroughly enjoyed the other characters. I was immediately searching for the sequel as soon as I finished. I loved it and can't wait for the next one! I recommended it to my book club and can't wait to hear what they think!!"

- From Girlfriday6301: "I am physically ill that I finished this book! Incredible from start to finish. I can't wait for the sequel and for Emmy and Cameon to find each other again! This is an incredible story. You won't be disappointed!"

And  of course, reviews from these awesome bloggers and journalists...

"Crow's Row -- what an enthralling read. ~OK so I read the blurb and wasn't that fussed -- but you know the great saying "Don't judge a book by its cover" (well blurb in this case) well that's what I did and I got totally proven wrong~ This book grabbed me from the start -- it seemed like a detailed pop-up book ~Yes I know I am comparing it to a child-like layout sort of book~ when it seemed like you had everything sorted out -- more things would unfold and the book would pull you in so much more... [...] Wow, just summing up the whole book is a big task -- basically it was one of my favourite books I have ever read, the plot is actually really really creative -- I loved it because I couldn't predict what would happen next.. The characters are really really great -- they are easy to connect to and have a real sense of genuinity to them -- they are really fleshed out well and the thing is -- it is only the first book in the series.. I would recommend this book to any young adult reader who doesn't even sway towards these types of books because this book will draw you in. Just read it -- It was amazing for me and it could definitely be amazing for you! So go out and read it." Ryann, The Honest Opinion

"I am blown away! WOW 10 stars!!!! I am truly blown away by this novel. What incredible emotions wrapped up in Crow’s Row that has been written so beautifully. I finished in 36 hours, even was reading at stop lights (jk, but it was like that). I felt as if I were there with Emma and Cameron. When I can laugh out loud and have tears running down my face, I know that it is written with heart. Thank you Julie Hockley for sharing this wonderful work and please please hurry for the next one." Letmeswim1

"Wow! I'm speechless. Who knew! Who knew!? [...] This story had so many twists. I enjoyed the character development and I absolutely loved Rocco. [...] I thought the story had a nice flow and it sucked me in from the beginning! Of course, after reaching the end, I was wanting more...but that always happens when reading a series! Who knew the CEO-Boss of an underworld drug ring could be so HOT! Emily and Cameron were adorable. The secrets and deception just made everything way more juicier. I can't wait for book 2, Scare Crow, to come out! I'm so giddy. I tore through this book in less than 24 hours. Go read it now!" Brynn Barnett, A World of My Own

"Hockley took the worst of the worst, allowed us to peek behind his curtain and ultimately fall in love with someone unlovable. Beautiful. Torturous. Heart-stopping. She challenged her characters. She challenged her readers. And she asked a very important question: At what point does your devotion to someone become a liability? Highly recommended, but be sure to stock up with kleenex first. Don't say I didn't warn you. Happy reading my fellow Kindle-ites and remember: Everyone has a story. Take the time to listen to the entire thing before you pass judgement." Misty Baker, KindleObsessed

"This is one of my FAVORITE books I have EVER read! OMG OMG I can not stress enough how wonderful I thought it was, but let me try! [...] The amount of emotions you are put through while reading this is outstanding and I feel that Julie Hockley really succeeds in forging a connection between the reader and the characters. At times this story is light hearted, devastating, frustrating, heartwarming, thought-provoking, and heartbreaking, but I would not change a thing! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! Go Read it NOW!" - Cami Hensley, My Reading Addiction

"Absolutely the best book I have read this year! Crow's Row will keep readers emotionally charged with every turn of the page. Emily and Cameron will rock your world with the heart wrenching, and utterly depressing odds that they must overcome. Emily is not your typical girl, and it is easy to fall in love with her character. Following her through this story will keep you on the edge of your seat; as you try to unravel the mysteries and questions that surround her unlikely situation. Cameron is amazing, and a strong and powerful character. Readers will love to love and hate his character from their first encounter. Notably these are not the only character, nor are they the most important. Crow’s Row is packed full of carefully crafted personalities that all add up to one hell of a story. This is not your cutesy love story! Crow's Row is story about desperation, love, and war. It will take readers on a journey that shows the underground world of criminal masterminds, and the dangers that accompany such a world. Action is your key component of this story, and it is a sprint from start to finish. As Cameron and Emily's worlds are turned upside down this story will rip reader’s hearts out with every turn of the page. I was captivated from start to finish; only to be left on a cliff hanger so large that I was overcome with despair. This emotional roller coaster is one that will leave you changed, and desperate for the sequel. Be prepared for a story that will touch your heart, and will remain in the forefront of your mind for days to come. If there was such a rating over five this would be it for me! BookWhisperer Favorite!!!!!! - The Book Whisperer, Jackie

"[...] I spent the entire last portion of the novel on pins and needles, screaming and crying because I couldn’t believe the twist the novel took. This beautiful love story ripped my hear...t out in the end, but at the same time, it’s worth all the pain. Upon finishing the novel I felt a hole in my own heart, just like some of the characters, and any author that can make me feel this deeply about fictional characters is one worthy of praise. [...]" - A Book Vacation

"[...] This was a fabulously written book.  The author weaves her world of drug dealers and almost gangster-like organization with precision.  Emily is a wonderful character with strong emotion and an interesting dynamic.  Cameron is almost noble despite his profession and his almost dual persona is expertly written. The other characters are very rich and full.  This book is incredibly enthralling and pulls you into a world most of us never want to see, but is still an enjoyable read.  I totally got caught up emotionally in this one as my heartbeat rose and tears nearly fell.  I am very anxious to read the next book in the series.  Awesome read and I would recommend it." - Clean Romance Reviews

"Another book, another winner! And I know it’s a winner because I’ve been in a stupor all day. Moping. I’ve been thinking about these characters, rehashing scenes, using my own “imagination” for a few *ahem* (hee hee!!), laughing to myself over a specific ruined Maserati scene. I’ve been speculating… daydreaming if you will, about the upcoming second book, allllll day. I’ve been trying to discuss the book with my husband, dropping little scene hints, hoping that he’d indulge me, and finally ask me to tell him alllllllabout it.. And when I wasn’t getting my fill of that, when I realized I was desperate to come home from work to blog it, discuss it… I KNEW I LOVED IT. [...]" - Maryse's Book Blog

"[...] Action, romance, murder and a boatload of suspense combine to make this a book worthy of five stars. Truly a stunning book with beautiful writing and intense scenes; this book will leave you begging for a sequel." - Kaitlin Gillespie, Teensandtwenties.com

"[...] Hockley wrote a creative masterpiece that will leave you thinking and wanting more!  It is gripping, it is sad and it will leave you hanging. I give this book a 5 out of 5." - Lisa's Book Review

"Un mélange de mafia, amour et action, une petite pépite à découvrir dans le monde de l'auto-édition! [...] Il n’y a pas de temps morts. L’action s’enchaîne du début à la fin.  L’auteur prend ici à bras le corps un amour impossible, faisant d’un homme moralement condamnable un être que nous sommes avides de découvrir, tout comme Emmy. L’histoire d’amour qui se développe entre eux est très belle. Julie Hockley garde beaucoup de pudeur entre Emily et un homme qu’elle n’aurait jamais dû rencontrer, plus âgé et expérimenté, dont elle n'aurait jamais dû tomber amoureuse. Les personnages secondaires jouent également une place importante au cœur de l’histoire, tel que Rocco, le petit frère de Cameron qui veut tant bien faire pour rejoindre le terrain, Carly, la comptable, ou encore Spider, le second et qui la terrifie dès le premier jour. La fin nous laisse complètement sur les dents. La suite est en cours d’écriture et je dois avouer l’attendre avec impatience !
Pour un premier roman, c’est une réussite et une très, très belle découverte." - Boulevard des Passions

"[...] even though you think that’s where Hockley is taking the story, their relationship, that isn’t what happens. The relationship between Emily and Cameron is actually given the chance to blossom, even with a kidnapping and a murder thrown in. “Crow’s Row” isn’t your typical YA novel and I think that’s why it’s so enjoyable. Hockley has created a truly intriguing story with characters that you’ll easily fall in love with (namely Emily and Cameron). I hope that there’s more to their story [...]" - Nicole's YA Book Haven

"[...] Crow's Row is all about bringing a fresh perspective to the struggles of youth who have few choices. In Crow's Row, author Julie Hockley brings readersa love story that interweaves social class division with the relevant and controversial issues of drug legalization and gang wars. [...]" - Social Tech Pop